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What If!! it goes all wrong
you cant stand your feet at-all

What if, your storages catch your song
you cant sing the free syllable-all

What for, you crusade
when you dont have a cause

What for, you ascent
when all you get have dent

What is it, its made of
gold, glory none of all

Darkness beholds my mind
hope!! albeit behind, controls you

Can you keep your head? and trust yourself
when you are detested, and kept apart

You must be amiss, laugh at it
competitive as it seems to me

Hold your thought, too black you are
too causal, too belittled

Close your eyes in absym, with wirelined creatures
There’s something they wish you to do…


A Song

•May 3, 2010 • 1 Comment

Writing here feels different today possibly its because its happening after a really long time or alot of things happened which i couldn’t pen down over here.
Life has been busy lately and After a really long time yesterday i sat and was feeling to create something musical and i made a song (not a poem) which deserves to be here… so here it is..


Dekhta hoon main, sochta hoon main
Chahta hoon main kya pata

ghoomta hoon main, shakta hoon main
jhoojhta hoon main, kyun bhala

girte girte hi jaan chali jaye, to
kab chuoge aasman

gaate-gaate hi nabj kat jaaye,
isse jaada hoga kya

na n na na naaa, na n na na naa,
na n na na na n naaa

kaisi tasveer hai meri aakhon main
jakde pankhon ko yahan

khulke pankhon ko aaj udne do
waqt se hai tumko kya

is jameen se bhi aasman dikhta hai
kyun na pahucho tum wahan

I tried recording it and found am not good in singing but still tried uploading the audio file..but its not allowing me to do so.. then i guess it shouldn’t be here..:)

3rd may 2010

Bledy Nostalgic…

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Mood I is about to start from tomorrow, and with all the footfalls the IIT campus is slowly turning to a “Herd Replete”. This time they Managed to get “Porcupine Tree” one of the greatest rock band in World history. And they are coming for the first time to india.

Well, Iam not writing here with any intention of glorifying Mood Indigo and stuff. But I have been yankering of writing some Nostalgic feeling i’ve been experincing for quite a time now.

1) I saw Surbahar, an annual hindi music Performance by the students for the college, a month ago. I was a part of it a couple of years ago.Now as a alumini I can only come and watch it. It used to be a vocals show only in previous years with professional instrumentalists being hired, But from my time it was decided to be done exclusively by students so we instrumentalists Hop in. And then started those late night meetings song selection, practice till 4am. Everybody was roughly in 3-8 songs, I was in 6. The day was great, with the whole Convocation hall filled up with proffessors students totaling a 1000+ it was indeed a great moment. I still remember for some songs i dint even know how they sounded with amplifiers with other instruments in those songs, as there was less of amplifiers during practice i just made sure that the chords were correct and beleived my gut that i have a sense for music and beats. It was also my first time where I had to handle those processors and electric guitars for the first time directly on stage I never even used them. Neway I did blunder in first song , I had to play a clean guitar but the bledy processor was on distortion. The song was “In Dino” from life in metro and it did sounded great with that distortion. Slowly every song came and went people started to get into that party mood with the song “Pyaar Hamen Kiss Mod pe le aaya”. And in no time the huge space between the seats and stage was fullof people dancing in that pure bollywood style masti. Even we joined them and as others were playing it was no where less than a disc but ofcourse very very less females. I played my part and then joined everyone down. Well for the last song I was supposed to play It was “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom”. And I was still dstanding down without even realizing that I have to play until it was announced loudly “Yogesh come to the stage immediately”. I was all in sweat and tired but still excited and I played. And bloody when I saw the footage of that song I couldn’t stop laughing I was so funny and out of my mind out there while playing. Hehe I’ll never forget that . But this time I was just waiting for that kind of crowd and dancing to happen. Some people did try to start but it all went down soon instead of picking up. Anyways there’s nothing like they weren’t good and all but I just cannot stop thinking of my time. haaahhh……..

2) The Mood I time also have been there for performing sometimes with this band sometimes with the other I never had a constant group of people. But the last Mood I was special. I wasn’t going through the greatest of my times so didn’t even thought of performing or any kind of participation. On the day festival started I met a junior he was like lets play something in “Mantra”. And the “Mantra” competition was the next day itself. I was like yes we can do it but where are the people? Then we went around asking for some more people and here we were we had a Band ready. And then I’ll never forget we practiced for straight 10 hours and there we performend it. It wasn’t the best of them but I was happy that I atleast performed. Well now I can’t perform but I’ll do watch people Jamming…:))

3)“ Déjà vu” the movie . Iam not talking about the one in Hollywood this was made long befor it even came or heard of in my first year. It was made by one of our senior at that time and was adapted from a PAF did a year ago. It had a streetplay in the beginning and I was part of it. I always loved streetplays and being a part of it. But it was only recently I got to see it. And I looked so slim and like a kid. Well its maybe because I have put on quite some weight in past year, but it was great to see it. It was again Nostalgic for me. Sometimes I feel where have I lost something in me. Iam not like the one I previously was….

There’s more of them Maybe i’ll edit this post and write later or will never…


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A Song

I wrote a song about World
about the air,water, matter and blah blah…

I heard a song about Love
about the idiot, fallen, unsound and blah blah…

I read a song about Dream
about the luck, money, magnate and blah blah…

I recited a song about Life
about the made miles, tiles, piles and blah blah…

I  sung a song about a child
about everything and again!! blah blah…

Somebody I

•August 30, 2009 • 6 Comments
Somebody I see, Somebody I know
frustrated in his arms.
Somebody I walk, Somebody I Look
flying the eyes to aurora.
Somebody I feel, Somebody I ghost
flashing every shadow of his
Somebody I scare, Somebody I eyes
fireing his IceBalls
Somebody I smile, Somebody I heart
frightening to take again
Somebody I work, Somebody I break
flushing the “Hush” all way.
Somebody I miss, Somebody I am
finding my fight Alone, all Alone.
~Yogesh  30th August 5:00PM

A Flower…

•July 19, 2009 • 4 Comments

I was sliding down the road
with lots of fruits and stores.
I was feeling noone,
not even that big fat aunt.

It was time of my everyday,
after office walks.
Albeit evrybody found it weir
i found it forever evergreen sovor

Nothing stoped me at once,
Nothing got more than a glance
unless i saw something,
i Had already passed it, i Stoped
I looked back , down beclouded

It was a “Flower”,
A yellow glinting Flower.
With lots of Petals
It had a long tail,
It was squelched
Maybe a couple of time.
It seemed like disdained,
and rejected from status quo.

I couldn’t resist Picking it up,
it could still be worth to someone.
Nobody ever gave me anything,
I felt nice with it.
I straighten and neaten the wings,
made it felt cared and kept it rising.

In a crowded place and road rush
I gave the flower to a bush.
One which can never have flowers
Maybe he needs to feel like to be flowerish.

I moved away with a smile,
which can make me go one more mile.
I felt i gave something to someone,
And that makes me feel that,
am not all that Bad Person…:)


19th July…


•July 19, 2009 • 3 Comments

Bangalore ….First time you hear it, it sounds like “Bang what??”… hehe jokes apart …but this is the place where i’ll be having my first job, my first income, my first spending, and what not… i never expected that to happen. I felt my life is going to just domicile in Bombay, with which iam still in live with, but bangalore(i still love the old names of city’s calcutta, bombay, bangalore and all others) ain’t so bad. I like to just roam around like a jobless junkie. And as i don’t know anybody who’s like me i land up spending time alone just roaming here and there on roads, malls, shops and talking with arbit people don’t know i can’t resist to keep moving.People here work, eat and go home all my office guys do it, i can’t live like that. wish i had a bike or something but walking ain’t bad. u’ll enjoy it if you have time. I had a lot of random observations i felt like writing…

1) Bangalore is a cool city i mean literally you don’t find the temperature goign up ever in the whole day time. i never switched on my fan even once during this 10 days time.

2)I miss mumbai in terms of public transportation. It sucks up here rickshaw’s have there own empire they charge you whatever they want. and in night you can’t afford them. One thing is so common bloody no rickshaw wala has ever got change with him. Again even if they have it its a a way to keep the surplus. busses, you cant make out how many types of buses they have here. And only place you can find the name of the place which bus is going is at the main Bus Stop else its just jalebi’s. You’ll finds so many oneways over here you go into it you comeout all the round and that really sucks. Auto rickshaw people are the same as if you are at some railway station, They won’t stop bugging you untill you get irritated and shout sometimes.

3)Its a place where people find prey’s. There’s a whole AMway network being spread up here in bangalore which normally keeps changing its name everytime it gets into a bad name rather now they don’t keep any name so “no name” and hence “no bad name”…:D. This MLM technique has been there since ages . But they’ll show you as if its a very new concept, it has revolutionaized the market and they use very fancy terms like e-comerence, diversification which we had no idea but sounds good. I like meeting new people and behave nicely and friendly with evryone i come accross even to a sweeper or a vendor i love talking to people. And as i roam around most of my free time day by day i started making some friends. i felt like people here are good and they like talking to starngers. But slowly it started to show why they wanted to contact. Its all just they got sucked up in the system and to not be a looser they have to find and get more people to sucked up in the system. Its a pyramid scam been there for years. AMway,Quixtar they have been just trying to expand in other contries as it is slowly being rejected from US UK and other devoloped countries.  They normally target the newcommers in the cooprate world as they hardly have any idea about it and so its easy to get them in it. And what they say is “The only mistake you can do is now not joining the system, you will regret it” my foot!! I hate this kind of promises. Even if when i first saw there presentation i was feeling like theres a sugarcane whos juice is already being taken of and now they are trying to get something out of it and somehow through complicated terms they want you to belive that there’s still juice in it. Its a social disaster i could see people there introducing them as not the person but “from IIM ahd, IIT chennai” and all that shit. Arey even iam from IIT Bombay but i never boast so much i don’t like it. I feel they don’t have it actually but just to keep the business going they do show that how bug people are involved in it. I first faced this in college Some E-Biz stuff people were behind me for that. Same things came to my mind and something more My dad said once to me “Beta paise ke piche kabhi nahi bhagna chahiye” and that gave me direction and i know it was a wise one, i know so many of them just loosing their money. I hope something comes up against these people.

4)I don’t know but this place should win the “lovers place town” in country. I never saw so many couples in a city. you’ll find them everywhere. Ofcourse makes me jealous, But its fine am a big loner and that makes me different and satisfied. i like to watch people including bird watching but thats just a subset. i see happy faces, poker-faces, confused faces, “waiting for someone eagerly” faces, “waiting for someone not so eagerly” kinda faces,idli- sambhar faces, wada- sambhar faces, firang with sutta faces, “firang running for something i never figured out what” and what not.

5)Bangalore seems to be like a very small city with everyone converging to a very feww places in town,its possible that i haven’t seen it and hence iam very much wrong about this place.But thats the feeling till now. You’ll find 3-4 CCD’s on a single road of a 1KiloMeter or something. You’ll hardly find “Sutta-chai Thapri’s” over here, But instead lots of bakery and sweet shops and every grocery shop keeps chai-coffee-sutta with him. As mumbai has it at 1:30AM same you’ll find it at 11PM in night i have to forcibly go to my flat because evrything goes dull after 11. I met a boy somewhere between 11-13 yrs of age he carries a bicycle with chai and sutta and starts as early as 8PM and remain there till 11PM. After which you’ll have to crave for chai in the city.

6)”Chinky’s” yes they are in plenty. Seems like the whole north-east shifts to this city after they complete a certain age. And i swear they have style and they don’t look like some tribal area guys and i realize i had a very less exposure with them. It seems like Most of the people from there come over to complete there higher studies and then also land up doing jobs here.

7) Bangalore by the way has a lot of rock lovers. people here love music, and thats what makes me comfortable.Even in my office People play music all the time during work hours reminds me of my college. Many pubs just offer rock songs i landed up spending my latest weekend nights over there in a place called “Purple haze”. Hopefully it’ll bring my guitar out of my room someday where i’ll have open space and people to listen and sing along.

Walking on the roads of Bangalore is slowly showing me alot of its faces. I do miss alot of things over here like friends and all seems like i don’t know any of them who are walking around me. But that doesn’t stop me from walking and exploring places around me. One old friend of mine saw me and quoted me as “roadstur” hehe. Maybe thats right for me…:)


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